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About Astrology.

Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects as a means for divining information about human affairs and terrestrial events.
Our body is made with Panchtatwa (five elements). Fire (heat and energy), Earth (solidity) , Air (movement), Water (liquid) and Sky (limitless or Zero). The balancing of the five elements is pre-requisite for balance life. The Position of the planets, Nakshatra, Rashi (Zodiak) and their movement effects the ratio of the five elements in human body, which effect the Human, their behavior, surroundings, including health, family, friends, relation, wealth, status in society and all .
Everybody know that all the gods stays on the body of Cow. In the same way all the Planates, Nakashtra and Rashi are places on the human body. The position of all the three define the human body, their shape, color, built, voice, beauty, behavior, power/ energy and everything related to him. The twelve houses of the horoscope, their lords and gods control everything of the person.
How the Astrology helps in balancing the Panchtatwa and maintaining the effect of position and movements of Planets, Nakshatra and Rashis.:
Astrology help in reading about a person, his or her body, mind, soul, surroundings including health, family, friends, relation, wealth, status in society and all through reading the birth chart and its twelve houses with the status of planets therein. Further every house are further divided into nine, then further upto 108 parts to study the every house in detail with each effects of the Planates, Nakshatra and Rashis.
The Astrology never ends by reading the horoscope and telling the prediction, but to provide the solutions for balancing and maintaining the negative to positive effects of the positions and movements of Planets, Nakshatras and Rashis.
The Predictions in astrology require the detail study, analysis and vast experiences. Further the remedies through gem stone, Puja, etc also require the detail analysis according to the person, his suitability and various other factors. The mistake in remedy may cause the negative effect then providing solution of the problem.

About Acharya Radha Nand Nath

By Educational Qualification Acharya Ji Graduate in Science and Collage topper and Second University Toper in Jiwaji University, Gwalior in Graduation in Law.


  • Diploma from Maharishi Mahesh yogi Vishwavidhayla Shiv Puri M.P, India. in the year 1999.
  • Advance level II from International school of vedic Astrology, New Delhi.
  • Advance level III (mundane astrology)from International school of vedic Astrology, New Delhi.
  • Sarvato Bhadra & all Chakra prediction from international school of Vedic Astrology, New Delhi .
  • Prashna Shastra (Parashari, Tajik & KP ) From international school of vedic Astrology.
  • Jaimini Shastra, from international school of Astrology, New Delhi.
  • K P Astrology from Chennai by Professor Hariharan JI and Shree Vidhya JI

Exploring my astrology predictions since 1991 onward till date and got very famous in regard to my predictions and worked out many thousand kundalies (horoscopes) through swar vigyan(shastra) and by the grace of god 95% of my predictions are up to the universal truth of life and remedies accordingly to serve the people worldwide. Our many clients worldwide, who are getting benefits from my remedies, are happily living their life. I am extremely specialized in LOVE / MARRIAGE / AFAIRS /SEX /EXTRA MARITAL RELATIONS /CHILD BIRTH (PROGENY PROBLEMS)
Well experience in special mantra of supreme goddess Shri Bhrama Swaroopa Maha Tripur Sundri for various problems of human kind by various spiritual treatments.